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New purchaser of a 1933 Austin 7
Any chance of a picture of the car you are buying.

Thanks tony.
HI Peter,
Has the shipper not provided you with all the importation requirements,
 Contact the Australian Customs and deal with them directly this will save a lot of Hassle
also the STATE the car will be sent to.
 Regarding Asbestos you will need proof there is none in gaskets Brakes Clutches as you do not want them to have check expensive

Hope That helps

Asbestos is not only found in brakes, clutches and gaskets it is also in insulation and window rubbers.
Most of the importers of American cars into Australia have stopped importing due to the cost of removal.
Do your home work.
Perhaps Russell Curtis (Squeak of this Parish) could comment as he imported his early Saloon back into OZ a couple of years ago...
My seven doesn't have insulation and only very simple window rubbers.
Often overllooked, but probably not by "the authorities" Bakelite was manufactured from asbestos fibres....We are not painting a good picture here...are we?
As Hugh says I did indeed bring a top hat over here after Australia got serious about asbestos importation. I was aware of the regulations and obtained an affidavit from a UK supplier of  asbestos free clutch, brake lining and head gaskets. Before arriving in the UK I brought a couple of spare Australian head gaskets with me, but was not game to return them so gave them away, LOL.
I noticed that the underside was clean and not coated in under body deadening , car was not fitted with air conditioning (CFC's). I changed the exhaust gasket, removed the exhaust heat wrapping and winged it with the other gaskets as the car had had recent engine and transmission work. 
The most trouble I had was clean and pest inspection. I had a firm jack the car up and furiously steam clean underneath, we of course made sure there was not a speck of dirt anywhere including behind upholstery. We pulled out insects from both sides of the radiator core and made sure no dirt in the tire treads. We included pictures.
On arrival we failed inspection for something and had to get them to steam clean again at a cost of hundreds of dollars.  I'm always philosophical in these circumstances and take the view overall, I'm lucky. 
Would I do it again, in a heartbeat.
Further to my earlier post no. 4 in which I mention this - so here's a photo of the asbestos panel fitted to the backs of many 1930's Lucas Cut-Out & Fuse boxes this being a 1935 Lucas CFR2.

.png   Screenshot 2021-02-24 at 18.40.17.png (Size: 869.01 KB / Downloads: 76)

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