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Almost forty years ago
The first PWA7C trial that i went to was in a quarry at Kirton Lindsay in Lincolnshire, probably around 1980.  I remember Simon Holder and his wife in an Austin 7 pick up complete with large collie dog that was quite expert at shifting about in the back to alter the weight distribution and help with traction.
Trials were wonderful back then, who will forget the cars that the Hearn Equippe competed in?  The Black Bomber and the Red Oxide tourer.
Much more of a budget motor sport than it is now.
The Kirton Lindsay quarry trial stays in my mind for two reasons:

1. The quarry material thrown up onto the underside of the car was a bugger to remove!

2. The week following the trial I journeyed over to a Club night. Approaching the pub car park the car began to run rough and stopped. Investigation showed there seemed to be very little oil in the engine. New oil was procured and as fast as it was poured in, it formed a pool under the car. Verdict: missing sump plug. New plug found, oil added and I returned the 20 miles home. It would appear the quarry rocks has loosened the plug which eventually fell out. 
I ran the car for a further 6 months but on a strip down, two bores were found to be scored, rings fused and one rod bent. The car ran OK though!!

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