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1932 Austin 7 Brakes juddering when in reverse.
Hi , is there anyone out there who has experienced brakes grabbing/Juddering when braking in reverse (on a slope for instance). Anybody got a cure.?  Thanks.
Something is most likely loose or worn Smiley.

Brake pivot, radius bolt, worn brake cams, shackle pins. Try putting the handbrake on and rock the car firmly, look to see what is moving.
I had the same on my RN , took the drums off ,blew the dust out ,cured ! .
My RP does it. I always put it down to the front axle flexing, tightening the cable and pulling the brakes on harder.

In deepest Norfolk
Nigel and Rick, I too have suffered both these as cause.

The dust one always perplexes me, what is happening in reverse that does not happen onward?

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