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Dog in an Ulster.
My aunt had a boxer.
It farted continuously and with the worst smell you could imagine.
I liked that dog ?
Andy B
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
Hi andy,

Dougie the boxer is our third.

And they are just like austin 7 owners.

They do get smellier, the older they get Wink

For 'Dogs in Austins' I offer 'Lola' who belongs to the local farm. The owners were away for the day and whilst I was working on the car she appeared, hopped in, and put on a pathetic expression that said 'I'm very lonely, pleeeeze don't turf me out'. So I didn't and she happily stayed there for a couple of hours while I worked around her.

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Brilliant Nick,

All three of our boxers would sit in the car on the drive for hours.

I can still remember boxer number 2, Dinsdale. About 10 years ago at 750 beaulieu.

He was restrained all weekend, and as we packed away on Sunday evening he got loose.

He ran straight for the cars, all I could see was someone defending an open door to a tourer trying to stop him climbing in, wilst we retreived him.

They do love cars.

Also the first perchase we ever made as a business. Was a rolling chassis the body from the car was in the scrap yard as the dogs kennel.

They no longer had the dog, and the body had gotten so bad, we swept it into a bucket.

I bet the dog loved a car body as a kenel though, especially a box saloon body.



His first birthday.

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