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Welding with a wood frame
I need to do some welding at the bottom of the A post to repair some rot. The wood post inside that hold the door hinges seems in good order. It must come out to allow me to weld the metal, how easy is this to do and to replace the wood afterwards?
What model of A7 is this? In some, it's straightforward enough, in others it's a major operation. Where exactly do you need to weld? It may be that it's simplest to leave the timber in place, but keep it very wet while you weld.
It’s a Mk1 ruby from 1934.
I would rather not remove good wood if I can help it but I don’t want a fire either!

Sorry should have said I need to weld just above the bottom door hinges on both sides so I can fit a repair panel to the bottom of the panel immediately in front if the door, as well as the sill below that.
This sounds strange. There shouldn't be any timber in a Mk1 Ruby A-post. Can you post a photo here, or email one to me at

You do mean the area highlighted in the first photo, in preparation for a repair like the one in the second?

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Yes those are the areas I mean.
I have been out and had a good poke about and they are metal not wood.
Thanks for the pointer, a big relief!
I’ve also had a very useful conversation with Oxfordshire Sevens which has helped a lot!
Excellent result- the forum wins again  Big Grin Big Grin

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