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Large Austin to little
From one end of the spectrum to the other. Anyone ever owned an Ascot? Click the image for a sharper picture - and click again to magnify slightly.

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I hired someone with 2,used as wedding cars for my wifes daughter 3 or 4 years ago (My Box too small and tatty) One of the cars decided to  get a bit hot under the collar on the way to the wedding and popped out a core plug.
It was all well handled, the driver dashed back home to fetch a core plug and was hammering it in during the service and fixed by the time they came out.
I asked the drivers wife who was driving the other car how many times they'd had breakdowns,4 times in 23 years,Clutch failure being the worst. she said.
It is remarkable how many radically different models were in the pre war catalogues.
I own a late model Goodwood is that close enough?
When we got married the firm I worked for at the time offered us the choice of either two MK3 Cortinas or two MK4 Zephyrs off the used car lot as wedding cars [ I was a cash-strapped apprentice and the obligatory Daimler or Jaguar wasn't an option].
We opted for the safer option of the Cortinas, all good on the day but it was rather tempting fate I feel.
Do I qualify? In 1955 I upgraded from my 1936 Austin 7 roadster to a 1936 Austin 10 (cambridge?) it was rather tired and had a knock like a Big End but it turned out to be end float in the crank. Took the engine out fixed the endfloat shoved it back in and set off on a 400 mile trip. Must of driven it for about a year before the next upgrade to an A40 Devon.

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