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Roof question
Hoping Dennis Sweeney sees this.
I have sent you a PM.
Hope it is ok to use the forum for this ?
Cheers Tim, hope all works out ok
Cheers Denis S
Hi , as promised I attach a Word doc which hopefully helps.

I couldn't work out how to attach this Word document via private message system so had to come through the main forum.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of my work, there may be others who could point you in the right direction if what I have done is not correct.

Best regards Denis S

Attached Files
.docx   Sunroof Clamp fixing.docx (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 59)
The original mounting plate on Denis' sunroof is correct and the threaded holes should line up exactly with the screw holes on the lock with the knurled nut, which is the only lock type that I've ever seen on a Ruby. The circular one with the bakelite knob is a new one on me.
That’s interesting Martin, I went for the one that came in the mass of boxes of bits, even tho’ I had bought the one with the knurled nut from Seven Workshop simply because I thought it would have been from the Ruby I’d bought.
The “Bakelite” is actually steel and the original was painted black with a black painted washer, so that's the way I went it’s just smooth Hammerite.

Have to say nothing surprises me with A7’s.......


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