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No barge pole required
Looks to be a db5 in the back ground. I love how the photos where Taken in the dark !
must admit, i sore this one on ebay a couple of days ago. and noticed the seller. my first thoughts were how long will it take to hit the forum?
Glad to oblige Tony. 

I wish I lived in Yorkshire...
Is that 21,500  Big Grin
It's Mr Williams, The Waterski Man again! Where does he find so many unfinished "Estate Barn Find" specials with no paperwork, I wonder?
Well spotted Martin. I was looking through the photos when a little bell rang somewhere in my memory and I became suspicious. The non-commital tone of the description may have been the trigger "so should be easy to get an age related plate when finished" Yeah...
However, I have added it to my watch list for interest sake...
when i flicked through the pictures, i thought perhaps he had found someone a nice little special to build. but when it came to the engine pic, i thought surley thats the same scrappy old engine that was in the waterski???

so is this a different body on the old waterski?
Tony, he's sold, by my reckoning, six or seven different Waterski Specials - plus, strange as it may seem, a number of discarded Ruby bodies (ha ha!). None of them have been finished and only one or possibly two have been runners. Most haven't had any paperwork. The descriptions tend to be pretty similar and the seller doesn't appear to know who built them.
sorry if it is common knowledge but what was the waterski special and what is the issue? i suppose you would never get it registered after getting it into a usable state.

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