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Austin 7 Special C.C.Gregory 1992 info
Seems a nicely made special but does it not get a bit hot under the bonnet? - seems to be a bit short on vents to me (basing my comments on how hot it gets in my RP when it's working hard).

I do think that a special looks best when made using a short chassis.  I don't know what it is (perhaps it's just me) but the proportions always seem to look stretched on a 6'9" frame, even though the saloons look fine. Perhaps it's the lowering that alters the perspective, although for a longpod like me the extra room would be welcome.

The quoted engine number would make it a 1934 crankcase.

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RE: Austin 7 Special C.C.Gregory 1992 info - by Reckless Rat - 16-12-2017, 02:57 PM

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