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Sports Rear Springs
I have a pair of Sports rear springs surplus to requirements. I bought them from Iain Dunford as “Sports” rear springs over 20 years ago but decided to use Ruby springs with a leaf removed for my Speedy (which Nick Turley had found gave a better ride height on his Speedy). They have six leaves of approx. 8mm thickness and are flat as you can see in the photos.

Offers around £325.


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Hi Martin,

unless you specifically requested completely flat rear springs at the time, we did not supply these. Our sports rear springs have 2 1/2" camber as per factory spec.

If we did supply them, they will have been produced completely flat as a specific request from you. Flat springs are not normally suitable for road going cars.

Hope that helps,


Hi Ruairidh,

Interesting, as far as I remember, when I bought them, probably about 1992, I only ordered Sports springs - nothing special. Maybe that's why Nick suggested using Ruby springs with a leaf removed? Anyway it's all in the dim & distant past, so hopefully someone will have a use for them.


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