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Electronic ignition.
Hello Friends,

Is someone using the DKY4 electronic ignition distributor in his A7? If so, please, can you report its results.

Thanks from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

I've been using one since I bought my RN. It was one of the first things I did and it has been faultless ever since.

It's a little bit more tricky to set up the initial timing, I just take a calculated stab at it using the HT lead locations in cap as a guide and the use a strobe to get the timing spot on..

I've also marked TDC on the cam pulley after carefully positioning number one piston, It's easy to make up a little pointer on the casing. I found the flywheel marks a bit tedious to use.

The advance/retard on the steering wheel needs to be locked off as it's not needed, the distributor has auto advance.

The end result is easy starting, good reliable running and no messing about with points and condensers at the side of the road. The purists won't agree but anything that makes Austin 7 motoring more pleasurable has got to be good. Wish I could say the same about the alternator conversion but that's another story.
Buy an Austin 7 they said, It's easy to work on they said !
Excellent coverage of this topic by Cornwall Austin Seven Club.

I have an Acuspark system fitted to DK4A— works very well and got us around 3500 miles in Europe in 2017 without a hitch.
Does seem to require a bit of trial and error when setting the timing. My approach is to make small adjustments  until the car performs well on the road and has a happy tick over. Sounds a bit unscientific doesn’t it, but it works for me! 

The advance/retard mechanism is very useful to get the timing spot on. The standard DK4 has much more timing scatter than the Accuspark. This makes it is easy to set by ear with the manual timing lever while driving. It's very much clearer where the sweet spot is than with a the DK4.
I don't see the point of disabling it.
I have fitted the Accuspark hall effect sensor as well. Engine idles and runs smoother. I like that the Accuspark comes with the bakelite (plastic) base which fits with the 2 standard screws to the DK4 distributor allowing me to carry the original base complete with points and condenser as an easy fix should the electronic bits fail. Like Barry, I also have marked TDC on the cam pulley and use a dial back timing light to set total timing.
I am missing the points of this !!
There is absolutely no points to this!!!!!!!
(29-12-2020, 10:50 PM)dickie65 Wrote: I am missing the points of this !!
Another bright spark  Big Grin
Yup I like a Bright Spark,
I can get 7000 rpm out of my manual advance Dizzy on real points and condenser.
But I completely understand that some folks like the electronic set up.

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