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Loose steering wheel
Seasons greetings to all!
I hope a reader on the Forum can "steer" me in the right direction. My car is an early 1928 with the older type steering wheel held by a clamp bolt passing through a shallow groove in the inner column.
When cornering or changing directions the steering wheel turns momentarily on the column before steering is transferred to the road wheels. ie, there is free movement between the steering wheel and the column.  I have fully tightened the clamp bolt and the wheel is a tight fit on the column.
I am considering shimming the steering wheel or lining the shallow groove with epoxy, or both, and would be pleased to hear from others who have experienced similar problem.
This happened to me on trip to the Picos Du Europa a few years back - I made a shim on the campsite from a beer can I had, this has performed perfectly ever since.

Thanks Ruairidh, most appreciated.
Unlike you, having a beer can ??
Alan Fairless
I say "beer", it was cold and served a dual purpose that day!

This happened on my Chummy as well and I fixed it in a similar way to Ruairidh, except I used stainless steel shim carefully cut to shape and glued in place with epoxy (I wasn't doing it on a campsite). So far it's lasted about 45 years... At that time I wasn't aware of how fragile those steering wheel centres can be, so I would advise caution when tightening the clamp bolt and not to overdo it.
Thanks David. As the time in Sydney is 10.30 am I shall now retreat to the workshop!
Be careful with the clamp bolt as over tightening
Can damage the spider hub casting. The2nd hand
Steering wheel I bought only lasted a couple of months.

Admittedly it had been welded before which I knew when
I bought.

I’ve since changed to a custom made splined spider so much safer!

Shims can work too of course but be careful.


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Thanks Bill,

It's disconcerting when turning into a corner and the car goes straight ahead. Was it necessary to alter the steering column to match the splined spider?


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