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boulogne racer build
Its looking like a proper job
(26-02-2021, 04:27 PM)Tony Betts Wrote: R, if you do get down to have a look. make sure you can get up again before you try.

Less likely by the day!
A productive day,

Never have seen the point of having one made at a time.

When it's the same price for three.



Flywheel now lightens and cleaned.

Carbs cleaned.


Had a couple of crankcase repaires done.

And feet made for the block.

It's all coming together, so I can start the engine as soon as the chassis is finished.

This has the makings of a lovely job Tony, can't wait to see it, crack on!
Crikey! A block with no visible cracks, that’s a rarity!

This is a great build, you’ll be overtaking the Highland Coupe at this rate...
Thanks duncan,

It's not a race ivor, well more a race between cold spells. And I wanted it rolling, before I have to have the 23 chassis ready. 

The block is one don rawson was building up, when I bought alot of his spares from him.

The holes were drilled and taped, but it had no feet to put on it. So it never got put out for sale. It's been sitting around for about 5 years. So time to make use of it.

Cleaned up th weld today.

And cleaned and painted the underside of the chassis.

It's hard to see the weld now, happy with that.

The rear axle is now on the bench, but I have a few museum jobs to do before I can crack on with the axle.

I'll see how next week goes. Hope the weather holds.



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