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boulogne racer build
hi R,

i should have good originals, they are shorter than the latter ones.

although for this build im using a ball fitting. so its closer to the originals on the boulogne. pictured in the thread about the bodys.

hi colin,

the links for the hartfords, are very very different to the standard ones.

if i get the chance ill sort a picture tomorrow.

thanks tony
I have these, which I am happy to donate, if they are correct...



hi R,

thank you for the kind offer, they are correct.

but ill be polite and say not for me. i have some a little better  Wink

once i get the parts done, ill show what i need as a ball fitting on the parts.

does the seven workshop make new ones??

thanks tony.
Hi colin,

Here is as close to an original Hartford I've got.

I've replaced the main plate as the original had been cut and adapted to fit a later chassis.



A close up of the end brackets.


Here is a problem often suttered by sole traders.

There are alot of different parts to be sourced, press, weld, rivet, machine, heat treat. Etc etc. To make something like a complete set of hartfords. So they never get finished, as you also have to earn a wage at the same time.

So like this picture, you can fall to the problem of having half finished projects. Sad

They look excellent Tony - I am not aware of anyone else making these new, in quantities like that.

thank you R,

ill have to make them up, and get them out for sale sometime.

im not at retirement yet? but dont want to get there with a lot of unfinished projects.

Well, a few slow and to cold weeks.

But the friday, a few parts came back from a friends workshop.

What can I say, his CNC machines do a better job. And he is cheap.

So this morning, I've riveted etc. And the front dampers are now finished.

Just have to get them painted up this afternoon. Before it gets to cold again.




This is the new ball end next to the standard hartford.


This is how they looked on the original car.


The typical way I work, not wanting to pay for things twice. 

And it costs very little extra to make something twice, once you are set up.

So I have had a second pair of the end rods made 1/2inch shorter, just in case i have to go to flatter springs.

Hi Toni
I am trying to find some photos of OL 166 which I took when I visited Barry Argent, he was putting togheter the wood frame for the body. I will let you know when I find them.
thank you edgar,

that would be most appreciated.

ive done ash frame work before, so could be interesting.

After a couple of weeks of from this build, to damn cold in the shed.

This week warmed up a bit, so I got back onto the chassis.

Pic below, bring forward the problem I had from the hartford thread.

The previous owner made the holes bigger to fit these brass spacers for the friction discs.


This pic shows the oversized hole against the peg bolt.


I've welded the holes, and after ALOT of filing.

The holes are back to size.


Onto the problem of corrosion.


Wedding and bringing.

Size of a 1p coin at at a time.

Usually stops the steel blowing from the heat.

Although I dont know why I bothered as the chassis rail is bowed.    


Which brings us to the bow in the chassis rail.

I've put a tube across it, so it can be seen.


I tried jacking just in front of the front member, because that looked like the deepest point of the bowing.

It came back a little.

But showed the deepest point was over the front cross member.

So I jacked directly under the front cross member.

And as shown it took ALL of the bow out.

I'm not happy that the strength of the chassis is there though, so I'll put a strengthening bar inside the chassis member tomorrow.

Then it's ready for paint.



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