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All the tools you'll ever need...
Makes you wonder if the articles contained therin are of any worth.
"Camms comics" were always worth a read. The original editor, F.J. Camm died in 1959 but may of his magazines survived for many years after. I was an avid reader of "Practical Wireless" and "Practical Television" (later "Television") in the seventies, while learning my trade as an electronics technician.
(22-12-2020, 10:50 AM)MartinH Wrote: Don't worry if he breaks it, he has plenty more hammers on the wall behind him!

Well spotted, in fact other than another big screwdriver in the tray on the bonnet hammers seem to be his entire tool kit. (somethings never change  Big Grin )
What am I missing ? what is he trying to do?
I suggest he is doing what the Art Director asked him to do, posing as if at work.
I spotted the hammers and fancy relieving him of them as he obviously doesn't know how to break glass properly.
I'd say he's removing tacks and or glue from the header bar, prior to refitting a new hood and or rain flap. Note the glue pot and roll of fabric and spatula. Hope he remembers to replace the cellulose windows
The clothing is curious. The artist must have realised the absurdity. Relatively it would have been vastly more expensive than today.
Camm also editor of Practical Motorist and Motor Cyclist. I have Newnes Engineers Manual by him, a curious collection of somewhat random engineering tables and information
Now I know where my inspection lamp came from !
I think this man is a hero.  There he is in his Sunday Best having just snuck away from wifey for half an hour after church in order to get back to his real passion, restoring his pre war car!  He'd better keep his shirt clean or his alibi of popping out for a newspaper will never be believed.
He is using the correct tool, a tack lifter, and judging by the excellent array of hammers on view I have no doubt he also has a marvellous selection of spanners out of view behind the artist.
In his well equipped workshop at the back he has lathes, milling machines, grinder, drill press, planer, shaper etc etc... Let's hope he soon buys an Austin 7 and joins Friends. 
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