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Jig for ballancing Con. Rods.
Every time the subject of con. rod ballancing crops up I think I aught to dig out the rig that I made years ago, and put it on the forum. This time, prompted be Geoff Halstead's post, I finally got round to it.
I can't claim the credit for this idea, as I read it somewhere, and I can't remember where.
I hope the pictures will be fairly exlpanatory, but basicly the lightest rod is on a carrier that is suspended by two tension springs that can be adjusted for height untill the rod is exactly horizontal, and in line with a datum line on the main frame. Susequent rods are then put on the holder, and metal removed until they all match the first.

Genaral view of the rig with lightest rod in place.

PC210004.JPG (2.27 MB)
The adjusting screws to get things level.

PC210002.JPG (1.01 MB)
The lightest rod levelled up.
PC210003.JPG (1.09 MB)
Metal must be removed from this rod until the pointers are on the datum line again.

Notes. Long weak springs will give a more sensertive reading than short strong ones. 
It should be posible to make a universal holder for any rods. I didn't bother, these are OHV reliant rods.
The rods ilustrated were well balanced anyway, so for the sake of the illustration I put short bolts in the "light" rod. 

I found the time involved making this saved a lot of faffing about trying to weigh one end of a rod at a time, and the rusulting ballance was very good indeed.


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Great idea! No scales or calculations involved.
I really like this - very clever!

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