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Welcome, you have a nice car

There are pictures of Percie at the 2009 Beaulieu Rally and on the 2010 A7OC London to Brighton run, links below
Many thanks for the most helpful replies concerning Percies history. Also a belated thank you to David for posting the lovely photos. Have emailed Pigsty requesting if they have any info on the engine and awaiting reply.
Have added a couple of pics and would be grateful if anyone could give me any ideas of what we have re engine and g/box as we are totally gormless (spelling?) with what we have. Head casting no is 28.9.? and 1A911 and AF1.                 Doesn't compare with Davids photos but here is one as we unloaded after our trip in the monsoon season. Pleased to report all dried out now and awaiting electric bill.
Will take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year. Charlie.

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Charlie, your cylinder head is the 14mm high compression head introduced in late 1936 for the 3-bearing engine; the 1A911 is the part number, AF1 denotes it was manufactured in (Austin) foundry number 1, the date could be 36, 37 or 38.

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