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Q: SM5 (coil) control panel rotary brass terminal wear
These appear to wear on one side but I cannot be sure they are not just handed.
Should one swap them 180degrees to bring the longer, unworn prong into use?

What is best for repairing any wear in the brown bakelite where these same brass bobbles move from their base divot (in the bakelite) into the brass positions. Araldite? Presumably not JB Weld as it has a portion of metal in it.

Hi Jon

I’m not sure it’s super critical.  The SM5 I acquired for the special was missing half of the brass switching piece. I had to braze in a new segment which wasn’t very accurate but still works!  I think the adjustment of the spring on the central pillar is more critical.  As for making up the Bakelite base, I didn’t bother.



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