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Door Latch Dis-Assembly?
Proof again that sleeping on it is always good!
Mais oui, "fools rush in..."
At the very least one should always make tea before getting the angle grinder out.
Yes will have a drink here and scratch head... (maybe not tea though...)
I'd suggest that judicious use of a sharp, narrow (1/4"?) chisel with a small hammer could undo the peened square tube sufficiently to allow separation. Perhaps a spare piece of square bar in the peened hole would help to control the chisel's action. I have done this on (non-car) locks in the past with some success.
Depending on how much metal remains on the very worn-looking face I'd be tempted to braze or silver-solder a square (or even a stirrup shape) of steel sheet over it and file down to the original section. Take great care to avoid overheating that paper-thin part.
Thanks Duncan. Yes I agree - softly softly catchee monkey...
(Though why anyone would want to catch a monkey defeats me)

I have this evening found a couple of very helpful photos on the Nippy site which clarify things somewhat, thanks to whoever took those - though still a few little mysteries left to resolve.

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