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Thought I would share this piece of amusing silliness.

Alas too late for me Nick, my 10 day isolation ended today.....

We got it lightly & it still wasn't pleasant, don't get this thing chaps, avoid it at all costs, hated mask, insantitize whatever you need to do to keep safe

Hi greig,

Take care for any long term effects, worth talking to your GP about that.

And yes, here it's being avoided as best we can.

Although I don't see it ending for several years yet, even with a miracle jab.

Glad that you're over it, Greig.

The astonishing thing is that after nine months of The Plague, you are the nearest that I've knowingly come to anyone who has definitely had it.
My lovely wife picked it up and of course I was next, mercifully not one of our family or our folks was affected. Unfortunately Port Elizabeth is currently the hotspot in South Africa for the second wave.

As for the long term effects, well Beloved is a Doctor so I'm quite confident that she will keep an eye on me and more importantly, I'm lean and pretty fit, being a fast road cyclist with well developed cardio & lung function - that seems to be the key to shrugging this thing fairly quickly. No riding for me for at least the next 2 weeks, give the body proper time to recover. I'll shut down on the 18th so can quietly get back on the bike after that.

Our symptoms were mild headache with very sore throat and very achy body. Typical flu symptoms. The insidious thing is that it inhibits the ability of the blood to absorb and carry oxygen around your body, so despite being able to breathe deeply, we got very tired very easily. I rode 100 miles over the weekend 21/22 November, started clinical signs on Tuesday and by Thursday it was all I could do to carry an 8kg bag of cat food up 8 steps. Friday morning I had turned the corner and 10 days later apart from a lingering dry cough we're almost 100% again. Lucie has a reduced sense of taste & I have virtually no sense of smell, but neither are life threatening and regaining these seems to be just a matter of time.

I'm eager to get back into the workshop as I have a very pretty set of Mr Bett's finest slipper pistons to go into the blue race car engine this shutdown.... now it's just to carefully examine those other sports rods and make a decision...

Stay in Herefordshire Martin - we are getting a number of cases each week within the four schools my family frequent and have lost a number of friends to it.
We have had five people at work with it, only one hospitalised all are now back at work.
They are now known as the Bubonic Five !!
Its quite nasty, mostly with long term effects. My partner's uncle died of it in July. Heart attack with no prior heart issues. When the coroner tested his body, he came up positive. It can have lasting effects in many parts of the body. Glad you are on the recovery Greig.

Erich in Mukilteo

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