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Sunday fun with Brand new bacon-slicer starter
That's OK Steve, I didn't take it that way! I was just contributing my experience to the subject being debated.
For the frugal it's about an hours work with a lump of aluminium and a lathe to modify a Rover 75 V6 petrol starter to fit. It's a similar type of Denso motor and has a very useful extended nose casting allowing it to be modified to fit many similar situations.  You do need to buy the right bigger Denso pinion with the correct number of teeth from a spares supplier but it's easy to swap.
The £279 price tag goes to below £50. Just as ugly but you're left with a whole lot of money to spend on more useful things. And if you run on 12volts the brushes don't become a regular consumable.


PS. Should have bought up the eBay stocks of Rover Starters before posting!
While it claims to be 12 volt what are you running it on Bob?
I'm running on 12 v

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