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Stringing steering wheels...
Been having a test of the burgundy I wanted to use on the boulogne car.

It looks ok for a special.

But for me on a vintage it is to glossy. And the grip to small on a 1.2mm

It's taken me 4 hours to get this far?


Hi Tony

I tend to agree that the small thread doesn’t provide the right “vintage” look.  I used 3mm but that was for straight lacing rather than the herringbone pattern.  A thinner thread does cover the original grips better than the thicker one.

Love the colour!


I love the colour too but, for the same reason I'm not a doctor, I don't have the patience...
Hi Duncan,

There is always a bright side.

As I'm doing now, waiting for the F1 highlights. In front of the open fire. With a large maker's mark and ice. Stringing a steering wheel.

The positives being heat and alcohol, two things I don't get out in the cold cold barn.

With all the excitement have you tied yourself in knots!!
Amazing race! 
Did someone bribe the Merc pit crew ? 

What happened to Danny ?

So many questions  Big Grin

I will watch the highlights closely tonight !
Hello Howard, thanks for your post and pic. On the strength of that I’ve strung my wheel with the 3mm waxed cord and it now looks very nice. I needed approx. 8m per segment so I needed a total of 3x10m from the eBay supplier. I anchored the ends with wound and tied 1mm waxed cord - just like a very original type35 Bugatti I saw at Silverstone a long time ago.
Just wondering if you’ve felt the need to varnish the cotton or is it ok as it is, it certainly feels fine as it is.
Hi John

I’ve left mine as is.  If it starts to fray I may put a post of satin or matt lacquer on.


This is what I finally went with for the boulogne build.

The wheel is finished in 1.5 dark green.

Took 60metres.

Thanks tony

That looks great Tony, very impressed!

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