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boulogne car body help needed
For those not familiar with Earthquake, here'sĀ Charles Metchim & Cyril Masters at 1933 Le Mans:

.jpg   1933 Le Mans Metchin Masters.jpg (Size: 124.04 KB / Downloads: 197)
The beauty of building an 'Earthquake' replica is that if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident it won't really matter as it looks as if it has had one already!
hi malcolm,

i did look at other cars i wanted to do. but im not set up to do the bodywork styles i wanted to have a go at.

and i dont want to alter a perfectly good body, someone else could use.

so the boulogne suits me at the moment.

do you know what the earthquake car started of as. the picture is a big grainy. had to tell if it was a supersports or a chummy.

Started life as a single-seater supposedly with the prototype Ulster engine, then fitted with a chummy body, and finished up more-or-less as an Ulster!

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