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Engine for sale
I bought my 1935 trials special from a vscc member, advertising it for sale, part restored, via the monthly vscc bulletin in 2013.
I finished the restoration which had been done to a high standard, just needing general assembly and engine fitting.

I had an engine rebuilt to trials spec, but more of that later.  ... I ran the car for a couple of years, just as a road car and attended a few shows and events. ... Then I was seduced by a Riley 9 and sold the Austin to Clive, a good friend and fellow "old car enthusiast", who lived a few hundred yards from me.

Now here`s the thing; Clive didn`t like the noisy thrust bearing when gear changing, wanted to swap from 4 speed crash box to a 4 speed syncro box and thought the engine "a little noisy". (I thought it sounded great!). ... So he removed my trials engine, which was running beautifully with good power & response, much to my disappointment, and installed another fully rebuilt but standard engine, with a syncro box. ... The car served him well and he covered about 200 miles using it, as I had for local transport and events.

Anyway, here is the point of this story: I`ve recently bought the car back from Clive and have a decision to make; do I replace the standard engine that is running, (beautifully), in the car now, or do I put the tuned engine back and get the extra oomph that it would undoubtedly provide? ... I have it taxed, insured and on the road and I`m enjoying a few little outings when the weather is good.

FOR SALE; Austin 7 engine, rebuilt and tuned for trials/light competition. Rebuilt by a midland Austin 7 specialist as follows: Bored to plus 0.80, new pistons, new bigger valves with new guides, high compression head with new gasket, studs, nuts & washers. Re-metalled & polished con rods, new big end nuts, new manifold studs, new borg & beck clutch, Deep alloy sump, new fan belt. ... the engine was bench tested and then covered about 200 road miles. (Minimal smoke and no oil leaks!!)

It would come without carb or distributor, (they are attached to the engine running in my car). ... Complete with 4 speed crash box. Engine number 222754. g/box 4790. ... I have lots of photo`s and don`t mind if someone wants to remove the sump & cylinder head for examination if seriously interested. ... I would like something around £1800. (I have bills for £1300 for work carried out on the engine)

ALTERNATIVELY! ... I could sell the engine running in the car, which could be seen & heard running and keep the trials engine. Not my preferred option but I do need to recover some of what I spent re-purchasing the car!
Err, you don't have a mag engine about the same sort of spec in your workshop looking for a new home at that sort of price? Just thuoght I'd ask. Ah well.... At other times you could have displayed the engine on the wall outside the Wheatsheaf at Lorton, half a chance you would have sold it by lunchtime, or somebody rung your mobile to ask it you could deliver it to the foot of Drumhouse.
Pm sent
Sorry, unfortunately not.


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