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BA 14
BA 14 on the list of parts for a magneto engine is described as Locating Ring For Timing Cover. It is, or should be a stepped ring. Where might one be found, or is an alternative recommended by any of our distinguished and skilled forumists?
BA14 slips over the outer part of the front most bearing that the timing gear driving the magneto shaft runs in. The step locates it in the front cover. I assume it's there because the bearing would have otherwise worn the aluminium cover away....

Usually found in the box of timing gear bits retrieved from stripped down mag engines.
After many years I have on workshop shelves jam and mayonaisse jars full of bits of coil engines, 2CV parts and Campag gear mechs, but this is my first mag engine. Does any one have a BA14 to spare, for which drinking vouchers or similar could be posted?
I'll have  look in the aforementioned "box of bits" tomorrow and see what I can find!
Many thanks.
Sorry Steve, the box of bits doesn't have an example of BA14. I'll keep looking, one may turn up somewhere else.


Tim R
I have a feeling that Mr Dunford has had some made.

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