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Radiator overflow
The new to me RN Saloon has a couple of mods I have not seen before.  Firstly the Radiator Overflow is connected to a tank in the Scuttle box, the Radiator Cap is a good seal on the Radiator, so just like a modern car the expanded water goes into the Tank and on cool down it is sucked back into the Radiator.  Seems to work, but it means there is no pressure relief except through the tank which has it's overflow well above the usual level.
The other is there is an insert into the Oil FillerTube that turns it into a Breather that is piped under the car to about the Brake Cross Shaft.
My special has a 1/2 pint expansion tank squeezed in between the radiator and cowl; the top of the tank is vented so there is no pressure in the system. Under normal circumstances it goes for months of regular use without needing a top-up.

It also has a vented filler tube.
Neat idea to keep the cross shaft lubricated....or at least oily!

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