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Getting fed up with the virus? Another charming cover...
Getting fed up with the virus? They had it rather worse some decades ago...

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Good this car is still around...

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It is a curious photo. Teenage boys might, but how many mature adults would ever talk to a friend on the beach (or is it a salt ;ake?) by standing up through the roof? The modern equivalent would sport in the car some super shapely photoshopped model, probably topless.
Being in a Seven at 45 with the window open is quite exhilerating. Anyone tried 45 standing?
(25-10-2020, 03:08 PM)Tony Griffiths Wrote: Getting fed up with the virus? They had it rather worse some decades ago...
Wonderful! It's a good job I didn't Photoshop the number and put mine on, as I might have done before, hint (Mike).
May be a good reason to not deface these evocative pictures.

How amazing that the car survives in what appears to be good order.

Also an excellent reason to not wreck these valuable pieces of history.
DOJ belongs to John Fitch’s son, Toby. He inherited it from a wonderful lady.

It featured in at least one Austin promotional film too.
It is interesting that the Austin Magazine was allowed to keep going during the war, although apparently with a B/W cover using a photograph instead of the painted pictures of old.

The Meccano Magazine was also allowed to carry on through the war although much reduced in size from the large format (approx A4)  to half size (approx A5), often very thin and with variable paper quality. The cover pictures remained in colour but more often based on photographs  than the pre war painted pictures.
Trying to stand up in an RN saloon isn't so easy as the front of the seat is almost in line with the front of the sunshine roof opening, I think the lady is standing on the passenger seat.
45 mph standing in a Fiat Bambina count Bob? I can't recommend it, being 6'-4" there was too much of me poking out the sunroof for comfort. On par with 5 on my aged Vespa [2 on the running boards and 3 on the seat-you had to be good friends to do this] or driving a Hillman Imp from the front passengers seat [-you grab the steering wheel at the bottom, and there being no transmission tunnel with the benefit of lankiness you can reach the pedals - it looks like the car is driving itself] funny at the time but on mature reflection any/all could've very easily ended in tears...
I wrote something about this car for the Association Magazine a while back, I can't recall the issue now and am away from my collection (perhaps Mike Costigan can look?) Not only did it star in the film All that is England, which can be found in the film section of the Archive web site..

I also tracked down an image of it used in an advert in the Daily Sketch (IIRC) and made mention of that in a subsequent issue of the Magazine...


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