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LWB Ulster rep near High Barnet, Herts
I have a gentleman who is considering a LWB Ulster, but he is 6' 4" and would like to just sit in a LWB Ulster to see if he actually fits. He is based in High Barnet.
I know that with a Rod Yates body, Rod can cut the rear of the cockpit further back, but it would good to see if it's possible to fit in a normal LWB with maybe the seat taken out which would give a similar feel.
Many thanks in advance.
A LWB cockpit is already an enormous compromise in the original design. If he finds the LWB problematic, find a Speedex as Jem Marsh was very tall and designed the 750 with that in mind. A more vintage design than the Ulsteroid too.
A leading VSCC trials driver has had a SWB Ulster body made recently.  The cockpit was altered to suit.   He is a seriously big chap so if he can fit in, anyone can.   Some Forumists will know who he is!
Mick Fleetwood manages to fit in a box saloon and drives it regularly
Buy an Austin 7 they said, It's easy to work on they said !
What’s he doing with a SWB Ulster, Malcolm?
Alan Fairless
(24-10-2020, 04:45 PM)Alan Wrote: What’s he doing with a SWB Ulster, Malcolm?

It's been trialled a small amount by his Daughter and Dennis Bingham's done the Welsh these last two years in it but he's keen on trying Class 1 in 2021. You won't miss it. It's the brightest of bright orange. Calls it 'Jaffa'. Big Grin

I am 6'2" and happily managed to fit into my SWB Ulsteroid for 28 years clocking up nay committing miles per year, without suffering anything more than normal 'Austin Seven bum'.
(True satisfaction is the delayed fulfilment of ancient wish)

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