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Seven Woodie
Good Morning

This has just gone on the carandclassic site.  Not seen one like this before.  (Don't have any connection with the seller.)

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Pretty sure this is from JonE; a frequent contributor to this forum.

It is I. I'd very much like it to go to someone with Seven connections and thought I'd tentatively tried to seek an owner here through the recent thread elsewhere. The little restoration/archive site ( ) for the car explains what we know of the history, but - Colin - it IS essentially a special that probably originally came from a coachbuilding company employee doing work on accident damaged (rear-ended) small cars for a bit of extra folding - in, say, the 40s. The wood 'kit' was likely used on a 28/29 firstly from the relationship of its windscreen height to rear when found i.e. wrong! It is trigger's broom - it has clearly seem a lot of changes but Martin and Dave Prior have adapted the rear window:arch heights to properly fit the scuttle it presently wears. There were remnants of full-size doors which had never been hung. I saw it (for me) as a more modern open chummy with an openish top, hence the chummy half-height doors and the sunshine saloon-style roof covering. Would make a great camper, and its fiendishly light so feels pretty powerful with the 4 speed box.
Yes, it's Jon's.

We (Prior's Motor Works) built the new ash frame for the car, working from very decayed fragments of the original.  Jon retained the very few salvageable parts, notably the tailgate.

Jon and  I have slightly different thoughts on the car's history.  I'm sure that the body was a reasonably competent amateur effort, but I have serious doubts that was ever finished, as it included a disastrous miscalculation of the position of the rear wheel aches and simply couldn't have been used.

Either way, it's an attractive and unusual little car.

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Looks well proportioned - I like the square back.

Enjoyed the restoration photos. Thanks.


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