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Ulster manifold, fishtail and pipe...
Many years ago Derringtons made me an original Ulster Exhaust Manifold and supplied me a cast fishtail. Are they still in business?
Make your own?
Simon’s videos and blogs are great.

My favourite of his projects is the train set dining room table.

Surprisingly the company V. W. Derrington Ltd is still an active company as can be seen from the information below, but I'm not sure what they're involved with these days.

They also have a Facebook page charting their racing history.
I got too caught up in the details. The Brooklands fishtail is only meant to have holes on one side! I ended up making a new one.

I really must finish that train table one day. And the Enigma machine. And various other things. Focus is on cars now. Have nearly finished my special. Should finish the headlamps this weekend. And am starting to work out how to get it registered for the road.

Does that mean you've got a spare one for Ruairidh to play with, Simon?  Big Grin
Only one side...
(23-10-2020, 09:23 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: Does anyone make these items - I have the silencer but require the rest of the system, any leads gratefully received?

Many thanks.
Stuart Palmer.
Hi Nick,

Stuart is unable to do this type unfortunately.
R, Chris Gould has a full size drawing of the manifold but you are probably aware of this.
I think I have a copy of it somewhere if you are interested.

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