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Ulster manifold, fishtail and pipe...
Does anyone make these items - I have the silencer but require the rest of the system, any leads gratefully received?

Many thanks.
JP exhausts in Congleton have an excellent reputation - though I suppose they would need the car and all the necessary "originality" data in order to build one.
Dave Dye made an excellent Ulster manifold for me.

Thank you both, I will make contact with Dave.
Ruairidh, can recommend Colin Ball (01529 969692 Lincs) as he does Brooklands spec F/T or as required in steel or stainless. Has made exhausts for our classics and our lorry. Know he is busy (always a good sign) but worth the wait.
Hi Ruairidh, last year I gave up and after a long chat with Rod yates made my own Ulster silencer & tailpipe, didn't find anyone to do it for me. If you reach the same point p.m. me and I'll happily share info. (if you need it).
Dave Dye is the man for a manifold, he produces a very high quality job.   As for the tail pipe, I bought a length of steel tube and had it bent to shape by a local engineering firm that produce car roll cages.  I took them a plywood template of what I wanted and they knocked me a couple up in about half an hour.  With hindsight I should have used a thicker gauge pipe as it would have bent better.
I have a good contact for making silencers and fish-tails but he is near Spurn Point, even from North Yorkshire it takes a week to get there!
Does anyone have a number for Dave please?
01481 249911
Thank you very much!

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