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A delightful example of the classic Fiat sports roadster
(12-10-2020, 01:26 AM)Tony Press Wrote: Just being picky- but if you spend this money it would be nice to get it right
I don't think you are being "picky", Tony.    Of course it should have been done right but one seldom sees an American "restoration" that pays much attention to getting the detail correct.   

At least it hasn't been hot rodded; if it had been then it would probably fetch far more!   Big Grin
In my experience cars like this will be bought because the buyer simply wants one - the cost won’t necessarily be a factor.

The car will then be completely stripped and rebuilt to the new owners taste/wishes.
My mother has located the models she made of the Swallow and the RK in the 1970s for a BA7C model making competition.

The photos are slightly fuzzy so she is going to try again tomorrow - the tail is a real egg!

.jpeg   A4D07B37-656A-49D1-AE13-8CB74B46C13A.jpeg (Size: 22.32 KB / Downloads: 291)

.jpeg   E565DF62-3606-463D-9BCB-98B31E9D4BC2.jpeg (Size: 22.32 KB / Downloads: 291)

.jpeg   DAB98F87-D328-4CE2-92A3-437BB1BF705D.jpeg (Size: 31.08 KB / Downloads: 291)

.jpeg   BB86E07C-C1D3-4609-9966-677CEBAEF3CB.jpeg (Size: 19.64 KB / Downloads: 291)

.jpeg   03D283C1-A86D-426B-8A2F-4466DA7BD9F5.jpeg (Size: 22.71 KB / Downloads: 292)

.jpeg   82F9C254-9DDD-4FD7-9CC3-0934F0173E99.jpeg (Size: 25.84 KB / Downloads: 291)
A tail made of an egg....stronger than the original then!
(10-10-2020, 07:26 PM)Dutch-Ulster rep Wrote:
Sold for $41.000 equivalent £31.000

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