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Body Snatchers - the ongoing story
(18-04-2021, 06:51 AM)Henry Harris Wrote:
(17-04-2021, 07:30 PM)Howard Wright Wrote: Hi All

Before we castigate too much... This body and chassis was on eBay a short while ago with what seems a genuine reason for the sale.  I think the seller collected the chassis and body separately and was going to create a car from the two parts but circumstances got in the way.

Not all sellers are inveterate car breakers!



PS I’ve got nothing to do with the sale just an interested onlooker.

There is no denying that someone recently dismembered this car.

I’m always happy to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, but there is no denying that earlier shots of the car show that it was mounted on a chassis...let’s hope they might be reunited.

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