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Austin Sevens in Australia
    I have just found this of crankcases that I owned back in the seventies. It does not include the three Ulster engines (two from the UK and the Waite 1928 AGP winning engine) or the supercharged engine I built for my 1981 Raid car as described in Martin Eyre's book. 
It is not an attempt to gloat or show off, but to record engine numbers of cars that were shipped new to Melbourne, Australia. 
Tony Johns
Bumping this to remind Friends to check the Autosport Nostalgia Forum thread. The latest posts include Photos from Tony Johns of his proper engine stripped down.

link to the Autosport Nostalgia Forum.

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Now that there is a confirmed build date 6-1-1930, I am hoping that somebody may have a copy of the Factory records so that we can establish the engine number that was in the chassis of Dickason's Ulster when it left the Factory in very early 1930, a year before the current supercharged 10 stud motor was fitted.

One major correction to Julian's post, unfortunately I am not the owner of the Dickason Ulster, but have been very involved with it for many years.
Tony Johns
Happy to be corrected Tony.
Interesting photos. Might it be possible, if the chassis is without chance of being a later replacement, to further assess the missing digits under the weld by some sort of metal scanning process? As the car is so important.
There are a number of possibilities as the odd '4' could be interpreted in a number of ways. Yes, it was probably from a worker stamp error. But it could have been added later when digits were missing from the end due to chassis fracturing, to re-enable a 6 digit number.

The most important bit is the 1034XX or 1039XX (unlikely), neither of which prompt a cluster appearing with potential interesting cars on the Register.

And, sadly, this area comes into the lost B- Gaydon ledger, so the only hope comes from looking at largely UK registration dates of existing, non-racing cars - which is not going to prove satisfactory. There is too much potential lag, and it doesn't lead anywhere anyway.

What about the rear crossmember - are there any paint marks under the paint facing rearwards which could indicate chassis number stencilling on UK offside?

The gearbox I think is far too late to be original, if other likely-original cars are displaying numbers which could almost be in range with original bodies. (IS there a body number?)

(24-12-2020, 07:53 AM)Tony Johns Wrote: I have just found this list of crankcases that I owned back in the seventies to record engine numbers of cars that were shipped new to Melbourne, Australia. 

The 100730 vintage racing engine could conceivably be in a recognisable AUS batch, but not with anything interesting.

The 3 bearing "angle jets" - are you suggesting they were pressurised crankcases, or just standard? 

And the last supercharged racing engine - what sort of spec. and where stamped?

None of the suggest any sort of cluster with other potentially interesting engines or cars [...that have been made publicly known].

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