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SU H1 Carburettor
Does anyone have an SU H1 (1.125") horizontal side-draft carburettor that they would be prepared to part with please? I'm not worried about condition so long as it is complete and inherently sound.  If so, would you be so kind as to drop me a PM.  Thank you.
I have a pair of 1 inch SUs with manifold. Complete needing light overhaul.

I tried to attach a picture but it is too big!!


Tried a smaller picture!

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.jpg   carbs 026 small.jpg (Size: 51.03 KB / Downloads: 311)
Many thanks Colin, apologies for the tardy reply but I hadn't checked the site recently because of other preoccupations.

The carbs look very sweet indeed but it would be a crime to buy them and then split them because I only want one (for a bog standard road car).  Much better that they are sold as a pair for someone who will put them to proper use.  My desire for an SU is only a whim because I have run SUs on other cars all my life and I think I understand them.  I am intrigued to fit one to a Seven to see how it performs compared with the original Zenith.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to reply to my request.  I'm sure your carbs will sell for good money to a very lucky recipient.

Best wishes,

Hi John. I have what you are looking for and have sent you a PM.
Thanks to Mick's kind response above, I now have the SU carb I desired.

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