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Friends' Gallery Picture of the Month - August 2020
Incredibly the 2 door variant of the robust hydraulic braked Mosrris 8 would have cost little more than the Seven.
As a schoolboy I used to think the Somerset the height of style but fashion passed it by and now look ponderous and fussy. Plain cars like the Mk1 Zephyr are now much sought after. In the 70s a colleague had successively a 1.5 Riley and a Javelin and found the latter to be much more lively. The jag is popularly called the mk4.
The modern on left is a puzzle. The C had no quarter lights. Hillman is promising but had large hubcaps and full rear cab....
The latest date quoted was 1953, but the the A40 Somerset could even be 1954?  Although some dreadful cheapies shown, it's still a great photo though - a great reminder of the cars long gone.  Not a computer model amongst them.  Cheers,  Bill in Oz

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