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Friends' Gallery Picture of the Month - August 2020

This photo was submitted some years ago by Jeff Taylor; nothing is known about it, so over to you for suggestions. It obviously dates from the mid-1950s; the Morris Eight, Ford and Hillman in the foreground, together with the Ruby, Wolseley and Model-Y Ford on the second row, are all pre-war cars, but the others are post-war. The Jaguar has a 1946 registration, and the Riley dates from 1953. These registration numbers may give a clue as to the location: CL is from Norwich, EX is Great Yarmouth, and CF is West Suffolk, so it seems likely the location is in East Anglia, possibly Norfolk.
Do I see a Triumph Renown or Mayflower bottom right
Cannot see Ford Y on 2nd row.
The A40 Somerset looks dangerously modern!
What is quite revealing is that even in the day the Seven was tiny compared to others.
There is another grey (!) Ford8/pop on the second row next to a black bit of 30's "grey porridge" as WB would have called it, could be Standard, Singer, almost anything!... what is in the background? ANOTHER Ford....Prefect? Standard 10? Looks as if the site suffered significant bomb damage....
What is hiding behind the Mayflower? The big Wolseley is a rather dashing two tone.
As far as I can work out (and see!), the cars appear to be as follows:

 Back row: 1, Dunno. Can't see enough of it.  2. Ford Popular 103E.  3. Standard 9(?).  4. 6 cylinder Wolseley (18/85?).  5. A40 Somerset.  6. ARQ Ruby.  7. Mk5 Jaguar

Front Row: 1. Definitely post war. Hillman Minx?  2. Morris 8.  3. Ford 8.  4. Vauxhall (12?).  5. Riley RMF.  6. Triumph Mayflower.  7. Morris 8(?).  8. Dunno, but definitely post war.

In the far background: E93A Ford Prefect

Any better guesses?
No, Bill; I realised as I was typing it that the car on the back row between the Ford and the Wolseley was not, as I first thought, a Model Y, but something rather larger, but I thought I'd leave the comment to see what others came up with. David Stepney's suggestion of a Standard seems reasonable. However, I'll disagree with David over the first car on the left in the front row; rather than post-war, I think it's probably a late 1930s Ford Model C! BCL 505 is definitely a Hillman, not a Vauxhall, David, it's just the reflections that make it look like it's got the Vauxhall flutes; but I'll agree with you that that's probably another Morris Eight beyond the Mayflower.

I wouldn't disagree with you regarding the first car on the front row. I was going by the roofline. And, yes I was misled by the reflections on the bonnet of the fourth car on the front row.

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