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Another fine "Green'Un" advertisement
If you're from Sheffield you'll know all about "The Green'Un", the Saturday-published sports paper on green paper. I was astonished to learn that it lasted in print until 2013 - before going online.

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It was printed in black ink, but on green paper wasn't it?
I was at the Leicester side of DERBY, I believe it came out in buff and green, I can't remember if the colour denoted regional area or time of day it was published. As a boarder, a prefect would send you down to the newsagent to buy them.
I was brought up in Kettering (Northants) where my father helped print the local paper. Always late home on Saturdays as they printed the "Pink'un" after the results came in.

Don't know if there's still a "Pink'un" there, but here in Norfolk the local paper has one - although it's pink only in name, being printed on white paper. We like to "do diffrunt" here!

In deepest Norfolk
Sheffield 'Green Un' was black print on green paper as was the Leeds version. Bradford was the 'Pink Un', black ink on pink paper.

(31-07-2020, 10:52 AM)Reckless Rat Wrote: It was printed in black ink, but on green paper wasn't it?
My mistake, yes, green paper. I should have got that right - my father used to write for it!
In Melbourne we still have 'The Green Guide' a TV guide in black type on green pages iussued with 'The Age'newspaper every Thursday. (the only day I buy the paper!)

Some years back they tried to change to the white guide presumably to save money- after a huge outcry it reverted to green paper but now it is with an overall printed green background still with black type .

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