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Indian-made closed-centre A7 wheel
36-spoke horror job?
As sold here:[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

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As we know near enough is close enough for some owners Tony, I wonder what sort of steel these are made from and if there is an increased or decreased risk of them pulling over the wheel nuts?
Black Art Enthusiast 
The complete wheels they were showing 12 months ago could not be tightened up with a wheel spanner as the spokes crossed over where the wheel studs were
These are dangerous and should be exposed as such, far and wide.

Dangerous rubbish - should not be used.
As I thought - absolute rubbish. Some Indian made stuff is good - various items of their engineering tooling and accessories can be fine, though not yet to the standard of older UK, German or USA items where quality was top-class and consistent.
The Indians are also into making parts for vintage motorcycles e.g. hand-operated plunger oil pumps for fitting to the oil compartment of fuel tanks. These units are well made and of excellent cosmetic finish - but the maker didn't know about the little leather washers and spring in the base, these acting as a one-way valve. If the feed goes to the crankcase of a two-stroke, they don't work - in fact, crankcase pressure then feeds through the pump into the tank. Not good!
I don’t disagree that these may be rubbish, but can someone tell us why?
Alan Fairless
The reports I have had from users are:

- spokes pull out
- spoke pattern incorrect
- don’t sit flat on hub
- problems with wheel nuts seating properly and working loose

So wrong in pretty well every respect then.
Alan Fairless
ive sed on here before as a trader, i have had items made overseas just like the other cherrished suppliers.

and its not like the old days were everything was made for the price of a bowl of rice,very cheap. and very poor quality.

nowadays you get much more choice, but the better the quality you want. the closer the prices get to the uk.

one thing you should NEVER DO, is buy dirrect. companies like this one who are useing ebay know there is minimal chance of you stopping them. so they can make it as cheap and as poor as they like. and if you get them removed from ebay, they just start up under another name.

anything i buy from overseas, is done through an agent, that way we can dictate the quality. the agent checks out any company they use abroad in person. and if thing still come in wrong, the agent is the one out of pocket. but it does cost a little extra this way paying the agent.

if this item is as bad as suggested, and you bought it tony, conplain to ebay, get them removed. and repeate when they come back on.


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