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To the owner of GMJ 166
If you are here, or should anyone here know the owner.

This car was clearly owned by someone named Price in the 1970s who took it on the Monte Carlo Run in '74 and San Marino in '76. The certificates for those  trips have appeared on Ebay as part of a house clearance. Perhaps the current owner would be interested..

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Described as 'Rare and highly collectable' by the Vendor...

Sadly, and somewhat surprisingly, the car doesn't appear on the Chassis Register that I can see...
Sadly not on the DVLA list either, it looks like it may have decided to remain in Monte Carlo!
I was on the Monte trip, but can't bring Mr(?) Price to mind. But we do now know it was a 1937 Ruby...

It is possible that the registration was transferred or sold without the car. Is there any means of tracing if we knew the chassis number?
Once again, the true value of keeping old cars and their registration numbers united, comes to the fore.
Bob Price from Camberley.
Thanks David - can you fill in any more of the back story? Is Bob no longer with us?
Sorry - I hardly remember him at all - my information was taken from the entry list of the event. We didn't manage to contact him for the 40th anniversary reunion at 750 Beaulieu in 2014.

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