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Speedometer drive for 4 speed gearbox.
Hello, I need a drive casing etc. for a 4 speed gearbox, I have the gear and pinion. Not sure what it/they look like but from the 1933 parts list it looks like I need parts BH204 and BH104.? 
Thanks for looking.
May I suggest that you look at [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] or whichever parts list correctly relates to your car. Most of the parts lists are on the A7CA website and the link I have shown relates to mid 1936. Again satisfy yourself that you are looking at the right parts list for your gearbox, which could have been changed at some time in the car's life. The 1933 parts list I looked at shows an earlier gearbox which may well not be the exact type you have. My search suggests that you are talking about speedo drive parts. Is that so?
John, I'm not quite following you. The large brass gear goes on the gearbox output shaft; the small spindly gear inserts directly into the aluminium end cover of the gearbox - is that what you are missing?
Hi Chris, thanks for getting in touch and apologies if I've not been too clear, I'm new to A7s.
I have the spindly pinion and also the big gear is inside the box but I don't have the bush BH204 (presumably brass) or the washer BH281 or the thrust button BH104 (whatever that is - sounds fun though).
Cheers, John.

Hi Robert, thanks for your interest and also for the parts info, it looks like the bits I need are common to both parts lists. ie. Bush BH204, Washer BH281 and Thrust Button BH104. All I have is the big gear inside the box which I can see by looking up the tube and the spindly pinion with the square end shaft.
Thanks again.
Cheers, John.
John, I just had a quick look and I appear to have what you need, but I have to remove them from an otherwise complete gearbox. I'll see about that tomorrow, and send a photo of what I understand you to need. Please PM me an email address; posting pictures on here is something I usually fail at.
Seems a shame to strip these out of a complete gearbox. I've got these in my Gearbox 'Bits' Box and you're welcome to them if you PM me your address.

.jpg   4 Speed Drive.jpg (Size: 24.68 KB / Downloads: 49)

Hi Steve, yes it'd be a shame to strip from Robert's otherwise complete 'box. they look just what I need and it's very kind of you to let me have them - I am willing to pay for them + postage. 
My address is; John Gould, 5 Fulton Place, Dalrymple, Ayr, Ayrshire. KA66QB. tel; 01292560502.
I recently bought a not very complete rolling chassis and am slowly getting it all together for a special - it's keeping me 'relatively' sane in these strange times!
Thanks so much for getting in touch.
Best regards, John.

Thank you very much Robert, however Steve Jones has been in touch and he has these parts in his spares box so hopefully your gearbox will remain intact.
Regards John.
In the post over the weekend, John.


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