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PWA7C = 750MC?
I am inclined to agree with Terry here, a single Austin 7 club with local centres or branches makes a lot of sense in many ways. However there is a big risk that a badly run executive committee would completely destroy anything good that such a club could do, as has happened here with the VARNZ. Under these circumstances the petty rivalry's and shortsighted blinkered views of a very small number of individuals completely looses sight of the greater good of the movement and the interests of all members rather then simply their own self serving agendas.
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(10-06-2020, 03:35 PM)Terry McGrath Wrote: I have long argued for one Austin 7 club, like other car clubs, pooling information, resources, histories, avoiding duplication etc.  Petty rivalries have no place when we all enthuse about the same super car in all its forms.  The dozens of clubs listed in the back of the Grey Mag could simply become branches of the one club, with all advantage and no disadvantages as I see it.  I transferred to the PWA7C simply because it was the biggest and now seems to be making overtures towards achieving my aim.

one big club?

sorry guys not for me.

when my local branch of the PWA7C dwindled away, rather than paying into it just for the sake of it. i looked around the country to join a more active austin 7 club. i felt at the time there were three that were keen to use there cars and promote the hobby. so i picked one and joined.

if its all run by one club, dropping down to branches in the country, means i would be pushed back into my local limited activity, low turn out, low use club.

cancel my subscription now Huh

For many years I thought one big national club was the ideal scenario, and that the Austin Seven approach with numerous local clubs was less than ideal. The Association seemed to be a half-way house that brought the groups together without having any real clout. But just look at what has happened elsewhere: MG, Jaguar, Triumph, Singer ... they've all ended up with two or more 'national' clubs because members could not agree on the direction a single club should take. 

The present Austin Seven community seems to rub along together, with the Association providing the bonus of a national (or even international) presence when needed, so, as Tony says, why not keep the individual nature of the small clubs so that individuals can pick and choose the club that suits their interests? If a club fails to provide what its members are looking for, then it will have to change, or members move to other clubs and it dies. Lump everyone together in one club, and sooner or later there will be a break-away movement and we're all back where we started.
Wise words Mike.

Celebrate the differences and enjoy the unique "tastes" of each.

I receive almost all the A7 Club magazines on offer and it never fails to amaze me what a rich tapestry of interest they paint, the nuances of each Club delight me.

(11-06-2020, 09:17 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
Love it!

However, it rather unfortunately perpetuates the myth of competitiveness among Clubs mentioned earlier, this is not my experience, is it yours?

Vive la difference as Rekkers might say!

Isle of Wight Austins attracts all makes as well as Austins of all shapes and sizes and pulls people together in a unique way every Sunday morning, it is so different to many other Austin Seven’s just a shame that I am no longer local to enjoy it!

Some car clubs I have joined in the past have been rather cliquey, others really friendly and I think having the choice of clubs within the Austin Seven community is something we should cherish and indeed nurture.
hi mike,

i think you are correct up until the last point.

when people leave a club, most are not like me. and go and look for another club. they just give up on clubs.

for many years after leaving my local club, i would still put new owners on to them. as a club is well worthy for a newcomer.

however, i think 75% of the answer is. im not a club person.

some tried the club, and reported back to me when they came back for spares. non of them were impressed. and i beleive the club picked up NO new regular members from it.

my beleif is ALL clubs need the stuffy old dust kicking out of them. 

and perhaps the 750 have the right idea, to look at making changes?

(11-06-2020, 09:40 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: Love it!

However, it rather unfortunately perpetuates the myth of competitiveness among Clubs mentioned earlier, this is not my experience, is it yours?

Don't know. I'm a not a member of either so don't have a firm view but like the clip!
I do have 750 Bulletins back to the 50's (quite useful, especially the older ones) and this early badge.


I admire what the PWA7Club does and have some of their books.

However most of my fun comes from the VSCC, or the near legendary Bongtree Club. No magazine and in over 30+ years we've only had 4 events that weren't simply old blokes talking rubbish in a pub. Not a Club in the normal sense but I do get the Grey Mag this way (good work Mike C)

charles, love the python reference.

been a wile since watching it. "SPLITTER"

and love the badge, just enough patina.


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