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PWA7C = 750MC?
I became a member of the 750MC when I brought my first seven in 1984, even then it felt that as an A7 owner I had largely missed the boat. I finally dropped membership after emigrating here to NZ and feeling like most issues of the Bulletin contained virtually nothing that interested me. Following the very sad recent self-destruction of the VARNZ, I have been considering remote membership of the PWA7C and this may news my influence that decision.
Black Art Enthusiast 
750MC members who have received the letter about the proposal will know that I and Ian Nelson are involved in the process.

There are a few things to make clear:

The proposal is not an amalgamation or formal joining of the 750MC and the PWA7C. It is an agreement that each club will do certain things for the other. There will not be any intereference by either club in the running of the other club. Each will remain totally autonomous.

No-one is being told that they must choose between clubs. Everyone is able to belong to either or both.

For decades after the founding of the 750, the Austin 7 was intrinsically linked to every part of the club's activities. In more recent years that link has substantially diminished and now the club concentrates far more on its racing formulae, most of which have no connection with A7s.

The 'Heritage' part of the 750MC (road going A7s and Production Car Trials) exists today only because of the voluntary efforts of a relatively small band of people in the Centres who give their time freely to help keep the Centres and various events running. Without them there would be no Heritage section of the club.

750MC has tried in the past to recruit someone who could be the driving force for 'Heritage' at HQ/Board level but that has come to nothing and the harsh reality is that 'Heritage' is not going to thrive in the modern 750MC environment. If things continue as they are the section will gradually wither away to nothing.

We have therefore looked at what can be done to ensure that 750 does not lose its historic connection to the Austin 7 and at the same time ensure that those who have an interest in 'Heritage' receive support.

The proposal to place Heritage with the PWA7C fulfils that aim. It will strengthen both clubs and it will mean that those whose interest is in road going A7s and Production Car trials will be properly and well served. It also means that events such as the National Austin 7 Rally will continue into the future because there will be a much larger pool of people who could get involved.

Those who currently make Heritage happen at Centre level will be able to continue doing exactly what they do now. In that respect nothing changes.

The PWA7C is strong in the Midland and points north. The active 750MC Centres are mainly in the south. There is a very natural fit and people will have a much wider geographic choice of where they can attend a meeting.

Nothing will happen unless 750MC Heritage members want it to happen.

There will doubtless be some who feel very strongly that 750 should keep things as they are. I urge them to carefully read the proposal and look at the reality of where we are today.

To ensure that the A7 keeps it connection to the 750MC and thrives in the future I will be voting in favour of the change.
It might have been courteous if PWA7C members had been informed too, rather than finding out from this website.
Alan Fairless
they probably realised that we would all be so grateful as result of a significant subs reduction due to the economies of scale of 20% new membership coming in - so didn't bother?
My experience was much the same as Derek's. Whilst I feel some loyalty to the 750MC, I've always felt there was an elephant in the room somewhere, with such a transparent split between racers and potterers, plus the 'national' rally being held on the south coast. If someone somewhere has finally grasped the nettle of re-aligning the movement nationally I welcome it. I think Tony has a point though about the future of A7 racing.
Living on the border of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, I have always lived in a bit of a black hole as regards club meetings and I have remained a member of The Austin Seven Owners Club and Isle of Wight Austins, even though I can’t attend meetings that easy.

Perhaps the amalgamation may put us Oxford/Cotswolds owners back on the map with a local meeting...
Just to clear up any misconceptions the Historic 750 Formula which encompasses Austin 7s (Class A ) and Reliant engined cars up to 1974 (Class C) is in very good health with ‘new’ cars joining every season, including cars from abroad, and growing grid numbers. In fact recently it was the fastest growing of the 20+ formulas ( formulae ?) that now compete under the 750MC banner. The H750F will remain part of the 750MC.

On the other hand the PWA7C Bert Hadley Sprint and Hill Climb Championship exclusively for Austin 7s has just celebrated its 25th anniversary and is healthy and well respected. It has also been a useful training ground for those entering Austin motorsport for the first time and several drivers, including myself, have then gone on to compete in H750F too.

As a member of both clubs I believe that the fit between them is very good indeed, the 750 Austin’s have Beaulieu, PWA7C have Autokana at Woolaton Hall Nottingham as their annual gatherings so geographically they cover the Country pretty well.

The 750MC have already started a poll of members and I am pleased to have voted for the partnership.

Charlie Plain-Jones
H750F Austin 7 Representative
It certainly needs “refreshing”
I have long argued for one Austin 7 club, like other car clubs, pooling information, resources, histories, avoiding duplication etc. Petty rivalries have no place when we all enthuse about the same super car in all its forms. The dozens of clubs listed in the back of the Grey Mag could simply become branches of the one club, with all advantage and no disadvantages as I see it. I transferred to the PWA7C simply because it was the biggest and now seems to be making overtures towards achieving my aim.
No rivalry in my experience Terry, just glorious individuality - long may it last.

We have world wide organisation for Austin Sevens and what a fabulous association it is.


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