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Beware flying motorbikes - and other road signage
I used to look out for giant cabbages or rosebushes when I saw signs for "Heavy Plant Crossing"
I'll get me coat...
Or indeed, The Woods of Dunsinane!
Or Triffids...
(06-12-2020, 07:31 PM)David Cochrane Wrote: Or Triffids...

Now there's a thought! That would certainly put a new spin on Shakespeare's play. Macbeth meets Dr Who? Big Grin
There are a few of these  locally. I understand what the message is:  'This can be a dangerous piece of road to ride a motorcycle on...with the subtext: particularly if you are 40+ year old  manchild vainly trying to relive your teenage years on a recently purchased sport bike/H-D cruiser which you don't have the experience to ride safely ', but the grammar is so contorted it just reads weird...

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Sorry I can't find the photo, but many years ago a Scottish newspaper featured a roadside high snow drift and poking up through it was a Kangaroo sign familiar to most Ozzies. Thr caption said that the Scottish Police were quite angry (couldn'e see the humour) and were seeking the Australian culprits - who probably were back home by then. Cheers, Bill in Oz (Not guilty your Honour)

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