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Beware flying motorbikes - and other road signage
... or Dolly Parton
Bob mentioned Sabrina. Bit before my time - but then I happened to see this. Gosh. What fine projectors.

Now you’re stretching it ———-
I bet your last post caused a bit of a titter is Nick

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

This one from OZ  a few years ago.       No camera on my visit to the publid loo in Kenmare Kerry Ireland ,a sign by the entrance  next to a layby stated NO DUMPING.  Quite put me off!!
I always think the motorcycle is a BSA from the Sixties, jumping over a Ford 100E from the Fifties !  We have one near us, but we also have near us this sign for lighthouse at Lizard Point, Cornwall.

It prompted me to note on my Facebook page, about a sign to the Dark House ?!

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(04-06-2020, 05:14 PM)andrew34ruby Wrote: Now, the MISSING SIGN.  Adjacent to some street-side parking in our local market square is a newish steel post. It's been there about 6 months, still no sign on it. A car has driven into the steel post and it is bent over at a silly angle. Three posts have been put in as replacements over the years. All were hit and bent before a sign was fitted. It's about ten years since there was a sign.
...and in Sheffield, in the 1980s, I watched a man chisel off the plates on parking meters and rivet on replacements, with a different number. I asked him why he was doing it. He said, "I dunno, it seems really stupid, but I've been told to do it, so I am..."
Rannoch Station

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Hello Nick,

Love your car and your comments re road sign — forgive me but just a thought about your Ruby. Have you considered putting LED indicators into your side lights? I’ve done this on my Opal and it works well, using the unit which cleverly combines side light ( white) with indicator ( orange)

Hi Charles. Many thanks. 

Yes, I have considered it as I'm well aware those clunky units are not the prettiest. The upside is that, particularly from the rear, they are hard to miss! And having had them on the car for many years I am thinking of them as a bit of a fixture!

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