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Beware flying motorbikes - and other road signage
Now, the MISSING SIGN. Adjacent to some street-side parking in our local market square is a newish steel post. It's been there about 6 months, still no sign on it. A car has driven into the steel post and it is bent over at a silly angle. Three posts have been put in as replacements over the years. All were hit and bent before a sign was fitted. It's about ten years since there was a sign.
...were it not for the pylons on the skyline, this 'impression' of Poppies would pass for a half-decent Monet...
(True satisfaction is the delayed fulfilment of ancient wish)
And I  thought Brockbank made up the Turn Left road sign cartoon shown in Mike's post
Brockbank's version predated mine by several decades. My photo was taken in Mansfield town centre about fifteen years ago; the 'error' made the national papers at the time. No doubt the workman was a Brockbank enthusiast! Rumour has it he was serving his notice at the time.
Caution: Man opening umbrella

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Hi all,

One of my favourites, always keep this over a bench for customers.

But find myself using it as much as anyone.


re the man operating umbrella, when a very small boy I visited Wellington zoo and was greatly fascinated by a man with barrow and shovel cleaning up a single elephant contribution. Every time I see the sign I slow down for possible elephants and their products.
Warning. Brigitte Bardot in the road. (Under 50s look it up. You need not titter).

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Or Sabrina for those with really prurient memories.
Nah. Always Barbara Windsors. Much bigger bumps round our way!

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