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John Jones
Those of you who date back to the 1960s and 70s may have known John (Jonah) Jones who passed away a few days ago. 

He joined Austins in 1966, Alf Depper offered him the job in the Austin Design Office. John worked  variously at Gaydon and Longbridge until 1992. Alf Depper and Stanley Edge helped John prepare his RN and he won best in show at Gordon Phillips Staverton Rally in 1969 (we think). The same car was used in 1972 for JOGLE or was it the other way round? With his then wife and two children. He recalled that more usefully another car carried a complete engine on the back seat. 

When Donald Stokes came on the scene, Alf Depper recognised that all Austin history was irrelevant and would be dumped. Alf arranged for John to take care of an early car. John had thus car fir a few years and then BL "borrowed" it for an exhibition and that was the last he saw of it. This car lives in the museum at Gaydon. He retained the logbook.....

After leaving Austin he purchased Shipps Garage in Upton upon Severn.

He was very proud that Alf Depper was his boss.

He continued to own A7s throughout and at current date he owned a 1931 RN in process of restoration and a 1935 APD tourer.

1931 RN, 1933 RP

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