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Is this the same car that popped up a few weeks back?
Is that the bridge at Marlow in the background?

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I have seen this car in a carnival parade in the nineteen sixties. Hampshire or Berkshire ?? I was a small boy at the time.
According to the A7CA Chassis Register YX 6686 is now an AD Tourer having previously been what is described as a Boat Tailed Special, the boat body having been removed by a previous owner to its present one. I seem to recall seeing this photo used in a Castrol or similar motoring magazine ad in the early / mid 1960's? I think I posted this photo a year or so ago in the gallery having found it again online. YX is a London registration.

I believe the bridge is Kew Railway Bridge - District Line.
(23-05-2020, 06:47 PM)Duncan Grimmond Wrote: Is that the bridge at Marlow in the background?

I think that it's Kew Rail bridge.

Yes, it is the car we discussed a while back but I'm bu%%ered if I can find the thread now.. I posted a copy of the advert which I can repeat

.jpg   ferodo austin 7 ad.jpg (Size: 263.84 KB / Downloads: 148)

and I've finally managed to locate the earlier thread...

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The railway bridge has been correctly identified. The newspaper ad is interesting, and less than convicing. Shadows and perspective rather indicate a cut and paste job, older forumists might remember when that actually involved cutting and pasting. One wonders whether the background was a frame resued off the floor of the editing room for a sixties b&w crime movie, the gangsters' Lotus Elite parked for a moment whilst one of them nips into the shop to buy a gun. Now since some of us will not feel able to drive to Durham or take the kids to Barnard Castle today and will remain at home, how long will it be before the coloured version of the ad appears here on the forum, maybe accompanied by a further caption in a period font.
Admittedly, it isn't the best image but can you not see the body lines of the Herald through the windscreen of the Austin? And the man buying the gun would surely have had a MkII Jag?
As I pointed out in the previous post on this subject, it is not the man in the Herald that is buying the gun, but the man in the Lotus Elite parked behind it!
Actually as a lifelong enthusiast I can assure you that you do not to be a Jaguar owner to enjoy shooting.

.jpg   A7 BOAT1.jpg (Size: 12.3 KB / Downloads: 74) WET EATHER GEAR FOR THOSE SOU'WESTERS.
(Colours nailed to mast)...

Am I the only one that mourns the loss of this vehicle (not sure to call it a car or boat) I do welcome the return of the re-bodied Chummy, but I do think this a spectacular creation. I wonder whether the current owner of YX frequents this forum....

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