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Austin signage 2

I bought one of these signs from James, probably over 10 years ago. As I have an old pub hanging sign  to attach it to.

Like many things it's an unfineshed project 10 years on.

Although they are sold as a copy of the original. And I am more than happy with it. Over the last few years I've been keeping my original signs instead of selling them. So with these new signs not being 100% accurate, I happy they are what they are. It stops people ageing them and passing them of as originals.

I've never seen an original of this sign in enamel? I have seen one in tin litho. But not been able to afford one yet.

Original austin signs are extreamly expensive.



Here is a simular morris sign in tin litho again.



And on the other side, an austin sign I could afford at £200. Another tin litho, condition isn't fantastic. But if it was as good as the morris sign the value would estimate at £1,000 to £1,500

Hope the font on these signs help.

The other Castrol XL sign which Tony has put here has also been copied a few years ago, but again remanufactured in vitreous enamel on 16swg mild steel plate - not, as originally displayed, on tin plate.
Hi James

How are these printed?

I still have  dye sublimation mug and T shirt presses, and used to print directly on to specially coated aluminium (for "signs") when I had a stand at airshows across the country some 15 years ago.

I might be getting back into dye sublimation printing buying a suitable printer etc. Amongst lots of other things, I printed pinup girls on mugs/shirts/mouse mats and on to aluminium "signs".

All good fun.


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