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Radius Arm Chassis Ball
Wanted, a Radius Arm Chassis Ball as fitted to the Front Cross Member. New ones were available at one time but seem to be out of stock currently.

Steve Jones
I can help. I am sending a PM.
Robert Leigh
I reacted in haste, and when I found the ball it was a rear one, so if anyone else can help it is still needed. Sorry for any confusion.
Robert Leigh
This one any good? Not sure if it's a vintage one or later, is there any difference?

Many thanks but that appears to be one for the rear crossmember. The front ball has a hole cross bored through the middle to take the radius arm fixing (waisted) bolt. If, however, it's just that the photo is such that it simply doesn't show the hole then I'm more than interested.

Here's the photo's:



99% sure I have one Steve. Send me a PM if you are still looking

.jpg   20200510_121010.jpg (Size: 328.23 KB / Downloads: 89)
Looking for radius arm ball and a torque tube ball if there are any half decent ones spare?
I have sent a PM.

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